A Language to Reform the Body
video and sculpture; two-way mirror acrylic, steel, electronics  
collaboration with Maneesh Raj Madahar
Liminal Space, Oakland, 2012

The process behind the sculpture was organized in such a way as to route the energies which usually fall into engineering and design, toward a fluid building and construction process based in the ‘spontaneous wisdom’ of materials, rather than ideas. Every step of the design process was informed solely by decisions made in prior steps, ad infinitum, such that the end result would be as maximally different from our initial expectations for the project.

What emerged was a multi-faceted site-specific installation, featuring a large octagonal podium (6ft x 30in), upon which rotated at high velocity a two-way mirror octagon (12in x 30in), within which was nested another, (12inx12in) two-way mirror cube, at the center of which was a stationary hand-built strobe-light. Custom electronics allow us to control the speed of the strobe in relation to the speed of the overall octagonal rotation; generating ghostly effects within the viewers perception of time and space.

Languages to Reform the Body

directed by Madahar & Tamm, 2011
Made in collaboration with children from the local neighborhood

Thanks to:
Henry S. Rosenthal
Tana Sprague