Upon noticing that stars would disappear when looked at directly, ancient astronomers discovered that peripheral vision is actually more sensitive to movement and light than the cones of central focus. So, by gazing to the side of and beyond the star they wanted to see, paradoxically, were able to observe it more clearly.

These projects deploy a similar type of sideways glimpsing within a time oriented praxis, which involves re-membering how to stalk oneself through disorientation, deep listening, and how to better apprehend and befriend those plasma like instances which seem to dissolve and overwhlem when looked at directly; be it an earthquake (THE THING IS ALL AROUND ITSELF), the sound of an ancient bell (CENTER FOR CELLULAR ALIGNMENT), the taste of antimony (BALANCING THE STONE), the spindle gymnastics of a tornado (FLATLANDER), cyclic volcanism (TYMPANIC TETHER), a mysterious sculpture within an empty warehouse (LANGUAGES TO REFORM THE BODY), a fly trap set where there are no flies (A ROOM IN WHICH THE ONLY WALL  IS IN THE MIDDLE), an icelandic midge stuck in the eye (FLY IN THE EYE) or a lava-flow overtaking the garden (THE VISCOUS SHAPE).