The Elders Project, feature-length film project ongoing since 2012
collaboration with Omar Zubair, Maneesh Raj Madahar
cinema | life | speciation 

The Elders Project is an in-progress feature-length documentary which journeys into the heart of America’s National Forests and Parks. Shot in locations such as Yellowstone and Mesa Verde to lesser known forests in Inyo County and Modoc, this film aims to revitalize American's lost continuity of Elders through a radical reinterpretion of what an 'Elder' can be for our culture. The film redefines the evolutionary schema of speciation, restoring the prehistoric identity of human beings within the haunts of other living creatures and things. From rattlesnakes near the Crazy Horse National Monument in South Dakota to  the ancient Bristlecone Pine trees in Great Basin National Park to the arches of Mt. Zion, the journeyers document a spirit-break in their own speciation as human animals, finding that “when everything is Human, the Human is an entirely different thing.”

"Working under the principle that the more particular and personal a story is, the more universal it becomes -- this project innovates the art and form of story, itself, by a practice of radical honesty and intimacy.

Typically, honesty has been seen as a laying bare of what one is thinking; however, in these emerging times -- in which neurons have been discovered in the stomach, bolstering beliefs that there are many centers of self (rather than just the brain); in which a deeper understanding of multi-culturalism realizes that no single language can act as a genuine meeting ground of ideas; and in which art museum attendance, and thus phenomenological literacy, is at an all-time high -- honesty is becoming more holistic than mere thoughts can hope to communicate. As such, we are exploring cinema as a means of amplifying communicative resonances between bodies (more than just minds)." - OZ