Flatlander uses Omaha's last major tornado swarm (May 6th, 1975) as a platform for a series of bronze sculptures (made in collaboration with Vivian Chiu), and a multi-channel sound performance.


The sculptures were created by carefully spinning large vessels of water at high velocity, and with different viscosity and temperature. Microcrystaline wax is cured to a molten state, then carefully poured by hand into the moving funnel of liquid created by the rotating vessel. The water forms itself into a moving yet centrally stable, centripetal funnel which is constantly in flux, changing in rope-like texture and shape and size. The negative space of this rippling funnel forms the positive cast for the pieces. 

Thanks to:
Bemis Center for Contemporary Art
Douglas County Historical Society
Tom Harnack of Omaha Clayworks
Les Bruning of Bruning Sculpture
Sophia Glasser-Kerr