Tympanic Tether
Santozeum; Santorini, Greece.

While searching for mythological and contemporary identities of the ‘siren’ on Santorini, the island claimed by Plato as the one time Atlantis, I collaborated with volcanologists, firefighters, policemen, bird-breeders, ambulance-drivers, goat-farmers and airport personnel on a new aural-warning siren for that volcanic island, based in field-recordings rather than tritones. Over the course of a month-long residency with the Santozeum, I amassed an audio-library of 'siren-candidates' resulting in an hour-long live spatialized sound composition entitled Tympanic Tether, with accompanying text (written in collaboration with Hermione Spriggs), performed as part of Aural Lighthouses; an international symposium exploring sound and natural catastrophe, organized by PS1: Fluids States.

“One of the first devices to give man an extended voice was the horn. The first horns were aggressive, hideous sounding instruments, used to frighten off demons and other animals…” R. Murray Schafer, The Soundscape.

Tympanic Tether was generously supported by the Santozeum, Santorini Hospital, Police and Fire Department, the Santorini Airport and Military Base, The Institute for the Monitoring of the Santorini Volcano, PS1 Fluid States; Performances of Unknowing,
& Hermione Spriggs. 

Symposium Participants (featured in photographs):
Ramona Stout
Alyssa Moxley
Andrea Polli
Ileana & Peter Nomikos
Ljubisa Matic
Gabriella Daris
David Terry
Nick Rynearson
Agnieszka Gratza
Julian Hand